Stainless Steel Wafer Ball Sector Control Valve with Pneumatic Double Acting Actuator and PMV Digital Positioner

Ball Sector Control Valve


  • Full or Reduced bore 2 way ball sector control valves which are suitable for a variety of applications offering durability & reliability. Available with a Pneumatic or Electric Actuator and range of additional accessories such as switchbox, solenoid, air-filter regulator, 4-20mA Electro Pneumatic Positioner. Fully assembled and tested.
  • Used as control valves for fluids, gases, turbid media and sludge, especially in the mining industry, pulp and paper industry and chemical industry. Abrasive slurries of iron ore, coal, lime and fly ash are also controlled with this type of valve.
  • Ball Sector Valves are made from a half ball sector which via two shafts is journal led in the valve body. One part of the ball sector sphere is used for shut-off. The other part does the regulation and has a hole with a diameter of about 80% of the nominal valve size. This is the optimal size to get excellent regulating characteristics.


  • Flanged Ball Sector Control Valve Stainless Steel,
  • Wafer Ball Sector Control Valve Stainless Steel
  • Ball Sector Control Valve
  • Ball Sector Valve control

Size & Connections

  • 15mm (1/2”) to 300mm (12”),
  • DIN Flanged
  • ANSI Flanged
  • DIN Wafer Pattern
  • ANSI Wafer Pattern


  • Clean and non-abrasive liquids
  • Clean water, oil and non-abrasive
  • Suspensions Gases and vapors
  • Nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), natural
  • Gas, Air etc, Steam, Slurry


  • AISI 316 Body & PTFE Seat (standard)
  • EPDM, Nitril, Kalrez®, Viton GLT, EPDM, White PTFE, PEEK, FDA Approved (options)
  • 304, 316L, 254 SMO,
  • Hastelloy, Duplex, Super Duplex 

Pressure Rating


  • 150lb, 300lb, 600lb
  • PN16, PN25, PN40


  • -196°c to 500°c according to pressure



ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: P.E.D – 2015

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