PTFE Lined Flanged Plug Valve Lever Operated

Lined Plug Valves


  • 2 way plug valves are suitable for a variety of specialist and difficult corrosive applications offering long life & robust service.
  • Lined Plug Valves use high precision investment casting method for all major pressure holding components. The standard base model offers:
  • Carbon Steel body, plug and cover (ASTM A216 Gr. WCB).
  • Low porosity PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) as standard liner
  • All cast parts have an acrylic based coating prior to lining for added protection from corrosion attack due to permeation
  • Bi-Directional & Cavity Free Design
  • Available with a Pneumatic or Electric Actuator and range of additional accessories such as switchbox, solenoid, air-filter regulator, 4-20mA Electro Pneumatic Positioner. Fully assembled and tested.


  • Flanged Lined Plug Valves
  • Flanged PFA Lined Plug Valves

Size and Connections

  • 15mm (1/2”) to 350mm (14”)
  • BSP, NPT,
  • ANSI Flanged, DIN Flanged


  • Petrochemical
  • Power
  • Pharmaceutical, and Mining
  • Acids and Corrosive Duties



A352 Gr. LCB, A352 Gr. LCC, A351 Gr. CF8, A351 Gr. CF3, A351 Gr. CF8M, A351 Gr. CF3M, A351 Gr. CG8M, A351 Gr. CG3M, 904L Stainless Steel Cast Grade, A995 Gr. 1B (CD4MCuN), A995 Gr. 4A (CD3MN) ,A995 Gr. 5A (CE3MN) ,A351 Gr. CK3MCuN,A351 Gr. CN3MN,A494 Gr. N7M, A494 Gr. N12MV, A494 Gr. CW6M, A494 Gr. CW12MW ,A494 Gr. CY40, A494 Gr. CW6MC, A494 Gr. M35-1, A494 Gr. CZ-100, B367 Gr. C2, B367 Gr. C3, B367 Gr. C5,B752 Gr. 702C,B752 Gr. 705C

Pressure Rating

  • 150lb, 300lb, 600lb, 


Design Standards

  • ASME B16.5, B16.10, B16.11, B16.25 B16.34, B16.42

Fire Safety Certification

  • API607, ISO 10497,


  • API 598, API 599, EN12266-1


  • ISO 9001: 2015,

Pressure Equipment Directive

  • PED: 2014/68/EU,

Sour Service

  • NACE MR-0175

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