A namur aluminium pneumatic actuator throttle plate

Pneumatic Actuator Throttle Plates


  • Throttle plates are fitted between namur mount solenoid valves and pneumatic actuators to control air flow to the actuator and slow down opening or closing position. They are an excellent option where the fine control and extra cost of a Electro Pneumatic positioner is not required
  • All of our throttle plates are assembled, tested and fitted free of charge in our purpose built test area offering fast next day delivery and a quick, reliable service


  • Namur Actuator Throttle Plate,
  • Namur Actuator Speed Restiction plate
  • Namur Actuator Control
  • Actuator Speed Controller

Size & Designs

  • 3/2 or 5/2


  • Stainless Steel, Brass or Alumium
  • Features:      2 off integrated needle valves, NAMUR VDI/VDE-3845 Standard

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