Power-tork PTFE Coated Aluminium Coaxial Valve

PTFE Coated Coaxial Valve


  • We have six sizes of Power-tork Coaxial Valves, going from DN 15 (1/2″) to DN 50 (2″).
  • There are two different versions: double acting/air open air close (DA) and single acting air open/fail close (SR).
  • Power-tork Coaxial Valves are equipped with an on-off operator and are suitable for group 2 type fluids (not dangerous).
  • Inside the coaxial valves there is a pneumatic mechanism, which can be supplied with instrument air via a 1/8” GAS/NPT interface or through a Namur solenoid valve.
  • Whilst not totally replacing actuated ball valves coaxial valves are a useful in many other applications.


  • Coaxial Valve
  • Coaxial Pneumatic Valve

Size & Connections

  • DN15 1/2″, DN20 3/4″, DN25 1″, DN32 1″ ¼, DN40 1″ ½, DN50 2″
  • Air Connection: 1/8″ GAS (optional NPT) NAMUR connection for 1/4″ solenoid valves


  • Group 2 type fluids (not dangerous)


  • Aluminium
  • Nickel Plated
  • PTFE Coated

Pressure Rating

  • 16 bar


  • -40°c to 150°c according to pressure



ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: P.E.D – 2015

Pressure Equipment Directive

PED: 2014/68/EU,

Explosion Rating

ATEX – 2014/34/UE

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