Three different types of stainless steel flexible hose with one having a screwed male end connection.

PTFE Flexible Hose


  • Available either as loose PTFE hose, or as completed PTFE hose assemblies, our series combines an excellent resistance to chemicals with an impressive temperature range, and a non-stick easy to clean nature. Restricting our range to three different types of hose: Smoothbore, Convoluted, and Metline, keeps things nice and simple for our customers while our ability to offer these hoses as natural PTFE or anti-static PTFE and combine them with a wide variety of outer braids and protective covers makes our series incredibly versatile and perfect for practically any application except in very rare circumstances.
  • Under suitable application conditions, PTFE can be used as a hose liner at temperatures from -150˚C up to +260˚C, dependent upon the hose design and the application conditions. Giving it a far greater temperature range than any other rubber or plastic hose material.
  • This impressive chemical resistance makes our hoses suitable for a wider variety of chemicals PTFE is also the ideal solution for the transferring of pure water or aggressive and hazardous chemicals, extreme temperatures and movement, food handling, instances in which hygiene is of paramount importance and multi-product applications. 

Smooth Bore

  • Smoothbore PTFE hose has excellent dynamic flex life, and performs well at high pressures in flexing or vibrating applications.
  • High Quality
  • Competitively Priced
  • Improved Flow Characteristics
  • Higher Pressure than other PTFE material


  • Convoluted is a convoluted PTFE lined hose, with excellent flexibility in bore sizes from 3/8” to 2”.
  • Convoluted is designed for use in a wide variety of general purpose applications.
  • High Quality
  • Competitively Priced
  • Increased flexibility


  • Metline is designed to be used in place of Smoothbore when improved flexibility is required, and to replace Convoluted hose when improved flow characteristics or easier assembly is required.
  • High Quality
  • Competitively Priced
  • Increased flexibility
  • Easier assembly

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